Free as a Bird!

Sofia on swing2
As a mom, I look at my girls – I see them in their individuality and uniqueness and I can’t help but rejoice in my Creator.  He gave them each so much personality.  They are uniquely gifted, with their own bent and flavors for life. They are loud and loving, excitable and full of zeal.  I resist labeling them, as no word or phrase will ever do them justice, but to paint with a broad stroke – I have the “sensitive one,” the “go–getter,” the “peaceful soul.” They each have their own STUFF that they will need to work through and overcome.  They have fears, anxieties, hang–ups, insecurities, habits, and attitudes that will have to be addressed at some point – better if by the Holy Spirit, but I still give it a try!! And I love them each so much, and in my imperfect adoration, I get to grasp in a small way, the heart of our Father for us.
My prayer so often for them is that they will grow up loving who they are.  I want them to be comfortable in their own skin, no matter how big or small that skin is, no matter if they are an early-bloomer or a late-bloomer, regardless of what other people might say about their clothes, or hair, or skin.  My heart so desires for them to embrace WHO GOD MADE THEM with the confidence that their God does not make mistakes.  He was fully aware when He knit them together in my belly.  He knew what He was doing.  And He knew what He was doing when He gave them to me to raise.  He saw where my own faults and issues would rub up against theirs and cause friction. He saw me buckling at times under the weight of this one-chance-only road of motherhood.
In my own quest to fully embrace who I am, I am often convicted to my core that they are watching me. They are listening.  If I tear myself down, they hear me.  When my critical side comes out to play, they witness her voice.  I want to continue to embrace who I am, first and foremost – because He is good and He made me.  Second on my list, is to model freedom to those around me, and right now, in this season, the ones who get the most of me are the ones living in my home, under my roof, absorbing and imitating.  As much as my heart desires for them to soar, to thrive, to live their lives to the fullest –  I know my Abba Father thinks the same (only more perfectly) of me!
This is one of my favorite pictures of my sweet Sofia – taken by my sister years ago.  It reminds me regularly to pray that they would soar free in Christ, and free from this world.  And I know that our only true hope of freedom is that we walk closely with our Lord, allowing Him to breathe His everlasting truth into our hearts.

3 thoughts on “Free as a Bird!

  1. Beautiful Vic. Motherhood is such an amazing honor and responsibility. I pray for the moms reading this, that we would all receive the acceptance of Christ for ourselves, to be the unique and precious individuals God has intended and desired. And I pray for the CHILDREN of the moms reading this, that our kids would see the freedom we have toward them, that we accept and receive them as the special people God knit them together to be. And I pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to transform each mom and child into the image of our Jesus, as we receive the freedom to be who He created us to be. Amen!

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