Free to Choose


I was recently reading a book review and noticed a reference to “women of 2014”. Now wait a minute. How is She different from 2013? And then it dawned on me – don’t they say this every year about women? Every century? Every generation?

What is going on? Why do women become something new every year, century and generation? Why are do they seem determined to change us into something different then what we were before? How completely exhausting! No wonder women have so many issues.

The world tells us: be aggressive. Take hold of the power of your sexuality and use it. Have a powerful job  You don’t need a man to have a baby  Be thin. Look good. Let no one tell you what to do. Take medication for every feeling you have. Take control. You rule the world!  And on and on it goes. These messages come from everywhere. It’s like a hailstorm every time you turn on the TV or open a magazine. “Please, World, back off of me!”

But this I know and it never changes: “But just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do. For it is written, ‘Be holy because I am holy’.” 

Ah, the truth of the living Word. It calls me to a place and person I desire to be. It has been consistent from beginning to end. It is a faithful calling that will never change. I know who I am called to be. I am called to be like Jesus. I am called to love. I am called to encourage. I am called to serve. I am called to set a side the things of this world and open my hands and heart to the one and only holy God. I am called to be holy.

Holy never changes and yet it changes me – it changes us. He changes us for his glory. He changes us for our sake. He lifts my chin and says to me, “I know you. I know the plans I have for you.

And suddenly I am… free.

I am free to let go of all the poison the World has tried to feed me. The world sets boundaries and standards but they will not bind me.  It tries to shape my image, but I will not serve it. Why return to Egypt when freedom has been freely given to me? No, thank you, World.  I choose Jesus! You know why?  Because Jesus is better then anything. Amen.

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