What We’re Into: Books

If you frequent blogs you might have seen the “What I’m Into” posts. It serves as a break from the focused writing and attempts to build community at the same time. Well, welcome to our first “What We’re Into”! However, this is not just about us! Tell us what you’re reading and you’ll have a chance to win the book by Rebekah Lyons: Freefall to Fly! So enjoy the answers, get to know our contributors, and answer the question so we can get to know you better too!
Janna Saavedra
Janna: I’m not much of a reader in the first place, and true to character, I have bitten off more than I can chew (or read for that matter) and am currently skimming, A Million Little Ways and Chasing Silhouettesin an attempt to learn. For pure pleasure-reading I read Cold Sassy Tree for about two minutes a night before I fall asleep. All that to say I’m not really reading anything. I am reading and studying The Book of Esther with a group of women under the leadership of Shirley Buzzoni and the Holy Spirit.

Joy Stee

JoyI am that person that loves to read.  I still read books with real pages because I love the smell of the paper, the feel of it between my fingers, the sound of the pages being turned and most of all the weight of the book – the story I am going to enter into, in my hands.  And I always have more than one book on the go and always one in the car… it’s just more fun that way!  What I am into right now: Truth – The books of Esther and Ruth on my own doing a study on these to women and their courage and faithfulness. Non-FictionBittersweet by Shauna Niequist, A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman, and God’s Psychology by Terry Higgins. I’m not reading any fiction right now, but if I were to suggest some of my favourites a couple of them are: The Good Earth by Pearl Buck, The Keys to the Kingdom by A.J. Cronin and A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry.

Lisa AthanLisaJust about an hour ago I finished reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I think he could have also titled the book “Let’s Take Scripture Seriously.” Really good.

Michelle Mahlstadt

MichelleI’m reading Things A Little Bird Told Me: Confessions of a Creative Mind, by Biz Stone Co-founder of Twitter. The book is about believing you’ve got something to offer the world, creating opportunities for yourself and having empathy for others because at the end of the day people need to trump the bottom line. But from there, Stone loses me, because he makes altruism about building a kind of “righteous pride,” we can have for ourselves so we can feel like we are good people. But “goodness,” comes from being saved by Jesus who takes away our stains and gives us a new heart, not of anything we can earn on our own.

Paula GoochPaula: After receiving this question, I realized I’ve been doing a lot more writing lately than I’ve been doing reading!  However, when I do find time to read, here some of the online materials I have been into lately: Set Apart Girl Magazine, Set Apart Girl devotions, Pages for the Dark Horses, and Suzie Lind’s blog Hemmed In. And whenever I find time to actually sit down to read an inspiring Christian book, I’ve been really enjoying Wrestling PrayerI also was recently given God’s Double Agent and am hoping to begin this book as soon as I find time (and who knows when that will happen).

Suzie LindSuzie: Here’s what I’m reading: I AM: Jesus in the Present Tense (Warren Wiersbe), Six Ways to Keep the Good in Your Boy (Dannah Gresh) Sticky Faith (Kara Powell) Everyday Prayers: 365 Days to a Gospel Centered Faith (Scotty Smith)

Victory Ludwig
Victory: I was never much of a reader as a kid.  I guess I have unofficially become one in recent years.  But, reading to me is a way to fill any gaps in my life with bubble gum.  I find myself struggling to finish any books with much depth, except the Bible, which is on my daily list! I have been totally blessed by deep thinking books (One Thousand Gifts changed me), but I tend to reach for another genre… historical fiction is my thing.  I love any and all books by Michelle Moran – I actually feel like I am learning (and getting smarter!?!) as I’m reading. I recently finished a major feat for me – an 800-pager called Paris by Edward Rutherford.  Really enjoyed it. Perhaps I need to deepen it a bit… but reading used to feel like a burden and now I look forward to a few minutes squeezed into my day to finish a chapter.   As far as my “SHOULD READ/MUST READ” list – it contains Sticky Faith and The Insanity of God.  And, not that you asked, but one of my favorite practical parenting books was written by a Jewish woman – love her style and her perspective.  It’s called The Blessing of a Skinned Knee. Here’s to a finishing what I start!!

4 thoughts on “What We’re Into: Books

  1. I love this especially with summer so close. This is extra motivation to finish my current books. On my nightstand next to my Esther Bible study I have A meal with Jesus by Tim Chester, Sticky Faith, Making Neighborhoods Whole by Wayne Gordon and John Perkins and The Wisdom of Menopause.

  2. Congratulations to Jennifer Russell for winning KHC Women’s first give-away! She was chosen by random. Our next give-away will be the last of May, so keep an eye out and get ready to leave your comment for a chance to win! Thank you, Donna and Jennifer, for leaving us your book like. And, by the way, WOW, Jennifer! How do you find time to read all those books!

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