Fearless to the Finish

Fearless to the Finish

I think fear comes from a place of not knowing.  At least my fear does.

Uncertainty can creep in, take root and bloom as a festering weed – a stem of worry, leaves of doubt, its petals fear. There is one thing I know about gardening and that is, a healthy plant can’t grow when weeds take over. If not taken out the ugly replaces the beauty.

What are the roots of my fears?

What is the ugly in my life that is replacing the beauty?

If I get to know God more, understand His word and promises, will this replace my not-knowing and therefore replace my fear with, dare I say it? Fearlessness?

I saw a t-shirt the other day that said “Fearless to the Finish”.

What a wonderful way to live. I mean, as Christians we know the finish. We know Eternity waits, so to live in expectancy of that, to live with the knowing and doing based on that, really means to live without fear.

A very wise woman said to me recently, “In order to trust someone, you must know them”.

So, if I am to replace my fears, pull out the roots of my fear, those that come from the unknown, I need to be rooted in what I do know and then trust what I know.

Jesus loves me – this me, not the me I will be a year from now or the me I was a few weeks back but the whole me – from the very beginning till the finish He loves me.

God can, and has, used me despite my limitations and failures.  He will continue to use me.  He wants to use my life for His glory.

God says He will never leave me.  I am never alone, even in what seems like the emptiest of places He is with me.

He makes all things new.  Each and every day is a new day and a new opportunity to live with him and for him. I am a new creation in Him.

His love endures forever.  Right on through, from the beginning to the end.

In order to be fearless to the finish I need to know the one who loves me, whose heart is for me.  I need to trust in all that I know about Him and what He has done and still is doing for me and rest in these things alone.  Allowing the beauty of this knowledge and this truth to bloom big and beautiful reminders of His faithfulness day after day after day.

I could spend the rest of my life afraid of what I don’t know, because, let’s face it, I don’t know a lot. But instead, I choose to focus on not only what I do know but who I know and in whom I trust; The Lord.

He is reminding me to live Fearless to the Finish.

About joymsteed

"This is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:4 I love this verse but the problem is I, more often than not, spend so much time rushing through the day that I don't think I really embrace what God is telling me through this verse. So, I am deciding to stand still or at least go slow and enjoy the days and the blessings that come, all of them; the ordinary and the extraordinary, the hard and the good, catching the moments wrapped up in each and giving thanks for the journey I am on. I am blessed to venture forward with my husband of 20 years and our two daughters, life has been hard and good and taken us places we never imagined we would go - both standing still and moving. God has been good and now as we enter a new stage, that point where our family road begins to have forks that are leading our girls to begin chapters in their stories that are separate from our story and although this excites me it also makes me wonder what's next for this mom, where do I go from here and what will this next chapter look like for me? I don't have the answers yet, what I do know though is that God is good and I know that He is going to lead and I will obediently follow, leaning in, standing still and rejoicing in the days ahead, the good and the hard days, the ordinary and the extraordinary days and the blessings wrapped in each. Thanks for stopping by and joining in my journey!

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