Forward Focused Prayer, Part 1

Making All Things New

Next Monday night at Refuge, we will have our first major gathering of women since our church was thrust into this season of transition.  We are not women who sweep under rugs…we are women who acknowledge our brokenness and our pain and we are women who are called to partner with Jesus in advancing His Kingdom.

It’s obvious now our hearts and minds have navigated through the full range of emotions that come at any time of grief. Broken heartedness.

We need to process our feelings while looking to what is true.  Repentance and restoration is not just for those who have publicly failed, it’s for each and every one of us, each and every day.  We need to ask God to search us so we can come clean… so we can move forward.

Even in our greatest sin and failure, we don’t have the power to change the advancement of the kingdom. The only thing we can effect is our ability to be part of it.

At such a time as this, it’s easy to shrink back. It’s normal to feel unsafe, it’s valid to feel like you can’t trust people.  But it’s not okay to stay there.  THAT my friends, is not what God wants.  It is what our adversary wants.  He wants you to give up. He wants you to become skeptical. He wants you to doubt what is true.

Because you see sweet friends, it’s true our church will change because our leadership has changed. But the truth we have to cling to, is the unchanging truth of scripture, which is the unchanging truth of who God is.*

Come back Friday for a full list of prayer needs to pray over King’s Harbor Church at this time.

Refuge is this Monday, August 11th at 6:45pm, in the King’s Harbor sanctuary.



 *Wisdom shared by my friend and mentor, Martha Lawley










5 thoughts on “Forward Focused Prayer, Part 1

  1. I have been praying for you, the women who are able to attend Refuge, every Monday night.
    If there is anyone else unable to attend, please join me in supporting these women. Just because we can’t come, does not mean we can’t be a part of Refuge.
    (Insert Lilo and Stitch’s Hawaiian name for Family here.)

  2. Suzie! Well said! Yes, many are grieving as well as we grieve ourselves on many levels that seem confusing. The key is prayer and the ability to talk it through and love more deeply instead of shrinking back to fear. See you there.!

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