Back to School Prayer (Sarah Kroon)

Back to school

Here it is again – AUGUST! The month of so many mixed feelings. There is sadness knowing the summer is on its way out, which means good-bye to midweek playdates at the beach, good-bye to “summer to-do lists”, good-bye guilt-free family vacations, and so on . But another feeling in August is happiness knowing that summer is on its way out – saying, “Hello, routine, I’ve missed you!” Hello, peaceful house (while it was nice having visitors it’s also nice when they can go back), and best of all hello school!

I was asked to write this not because of my eloquent writing skills, but because I wear many hats and I can empathize with many of you.  I am a mom of two kids, a seven year old going into 2 nd grade and a three year old who will be starting preschool this year. I am also a teacher, so I know what it is like to drop your child off and have faith that the person in the room will understand your child’s strengths, weaknesses , and all their quirks. I also know what it’s like on the other end – to be at the door waving at the parents, posing for pictures, and then being the one to say good-bye knowing that I have the most precious person in these people’s lives in my hands. It’s overwhelming on both ends.  I will be totally honest – I have cried on my child’s first day… and my own teaching first day! It’s a big deal!

I am not one to give advice; by no means do I know it all. What I do want to do is cover you with prayer. I know that now especially we need to look towards Jesus, not each other.  HE will be there when you tear-up when dropping  your three year old off. HE will be there when your middle-schooler is out the door without even looking back. HE will be there when you will be taking pictures of your seventeen year old starting their senior year or even when you drive your twenty-year old to college! All the advice in the world can’t do what Jesus can. Since no prayer can really capture all the stages and emotions, I do have a separate prayer for each of you and truly hope that God uses my words to comfort you. Maybe you can think of me and pray for me too.  🙂

My prayers for you:

For the moms of preschools: I pray that you are brave! Praying that you are excited when they come home dirty, when they make friends, and when they even have consequences and they learn from them!

Moms of kindergarteners: What an amazing year is ahead for your child! I pray that you use this year to establish good friends and a great relationship with the school. I pray you are a light in the room and in the school while knowing the balance with “helping” the teacher and then trusting. It is hard. I know!
I pray you start a great routine…make learning FUN!

Moms of elementary kids: I pray that you continue to build relationships with other families and the school. Even if you physically can’t be there you can help at home or be involved in other areas, but BE THERE! I pray you are Jesus’s light!  I pray you help your child when they are exploring who they choose as their friends, and knowing the balance with challenging and not overwhelming.

Moms of middle, high schoolers, and of college kids: Words can’t even express all the emotions that go with these years- It’s a whole ‘nother blog entry! All you can do is TRUST beyond belief… but with Jesus you can! So my prayer for you is…

I will pray for peacepatience, and unconditional love to overwhelm you!

I know I said I won’t give you advice, but I will give you a little helpful tip: PRAY for the TEACHER too! 🙂

May God bless you and your family this 2014/2015 school year!

My Prayer for the Coming School Year (2)

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