My Prayer for the Coming Year

child's hand in prayer in school

As I watch the days of summer fly by, realizing that the next school year will soon be upon us, I have been prompted to pray earnestly for the coming school year.  With my oldest entering middle school, I sense the urgency more than ever, to call upon the Lord to guide us and equip us.  My prayers have gone something like this:

Lord, thank you for the privilege of learning. Thank you for the community of Hickory Elementary, where we have made wonderful friends. Thank you for the new community of Madrona Middle School, and that you have gone before us to prepare the way. Give us your eyes to see our teachers and classmates as you do. Give the girls wisdom, as they choose friends and invest in those around them. Thank you for the friends we have that encourage faith, and I pray that the new friends this year would be positive influences. I pray for the teachers to whom my children will be entrusted – give them eyes to see my girls and to bring out the best in them.

Help us all, Lord, to bring glory to you on these campuses. Protect us from any plans of the enemy that would bring harm or division. Help us be quick to love, and quick to extend grace – while being slow to judge and slow to speak. I pray you would ignite new sparks of learning – that the girls would enjoy the process of growth and learning, and blossom as students. Help me speak to them in life-giving ways, to encourage their strengths and work with them on the challenges they face. Show me how to encourage individuality and strength in the girls. Give me patience as our schedules build, and homework consumes our afternoons.  Help me to model to them an appreciation for learning, as well as the adults in their lives that work so hard to teach them.

I pray for protection over their eyes and ears. Guard their hearts with your spirit. Let them be the salt and light that is so desperately needed at their schools. Use our family to bring others comfort, joy, peace, and salvation through you alone. Let us not minimize the responsibility we have there, at the public schools, to model Christ in all things. Let our interactions point to you. Let us not blend in, but rather stand firm for who we are in You. Give each of the girls strength, peace and clarity as they navigate being in the world and not of it.

Help us to always remember that you have called us here, that you go before us, and that you never forsake us. I pray that when we look back on this year, we will see your fingerprints on the relationships we’ve built. And I pray, above all else, that we bring glory and honor to your name – in word, deed, and intention. Bless us this year, so that we in turn, may bless those around us.

In Jesus’ Name… Amen.

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