GIVE-AWAY!!! What We’re Into: Favorite Teachers

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With a topic like “education” what better way to wrap it all up than with a give-away in honor of great teachers? This month we answer the question: Who was your favorite teacher?

Cindy Rimmer was the blessed winner from last month when she shared with us her favorite vacation destination. This month could be your chance to win! Just tell us in the comments or on the Facebook link who YOUR favorite teacher was and you could win this awesomely encouraging mug from DaySpring. A winner will be randomly chosen and announced on August 31st.

Janna SaavedraJanna: I was homeschooled for four years, so I must do my mother justice and say that my mother was my favorite teacher. But while I was in public school I had one teacher, Ms. Frink, who finally understood me. She was wrote things on my report card, like: Janna enjoys sharing her thoughts with the class. Most of the other teachers did not appreciate such talker… I mean thinker! A not-so-favorite teacher once told my mother, “Your daughter just won’t shut up!” I loved Ms. Frink.

Joy SteeJoy: God! He has challenged me, pushed me, angered me, has had me asking, “WHY?!?” more times than I can count and He has placed people in my life to learn from and with. He has taught me how to love unconditionally, taught me patience and what it means to pursue truth, He has taught me how to forgive, He has taught me to be humble, how to be a friend, a mother a wife and that being a servant is the most rewarding job I could ever have.  He has given me chance after chance to understand the lessons He is teaching me all the while loving me just as I am.

Lisa AthanLisa: My favorite teacher was actually my girls middle school teacher who taught them Social Studies and Global Studies for three years.  His name was Sean Lathrom.  He was the hardest, most challenging teacher any of us had ever had, yet he taught with such knowledge and talent that we could not get enough of him.  Sadly, he passed away this past October.  I believe he was only 42 years old.  I personally learned more helping my children pass his classes/projects then I ever did during my educational years.  Brandi and I even went to France with him for 10 days and he took us places we never even dreamed of.  Oh how we miss him.

Michelle MahlstadtMichelle: I don’t remember his name, but he was an electives teacher. Part time. I don’t even remember what the class was called. But I remember the movies…He showed us movies during our class time. An American In Paris. The Bandwagon. Any film with dancing and beautiful women and dreamy leading men who danced. I remember his passion most of all. I remember watching him talk about the films we saw with such passion. And I thought, this is what it is like to be in love with something beautiful. This is what it’s like to come alive. I hope in the years to come I will feel that same kind of passion and spark with the life work I do.

Paula GoochPaula: Hmm…my favorite teacher…this is a really hard one to answer.  Since I was homeschooled, the majority of the teaching I received was from my parents, though I did have a few other friends I did co-ops with throughout my schooling years.  So, I don’t really have one favorite teacher, instead I have favorite teachers – which makes this question difficult to answer.  But, I’ve narrowed it down to my top three: my favorite math teacher was my dad, my favorite history teacher was my mom, and my favorite Bible teacher is Jesus! 🙂

Suzie LindSuzie: My favorite teacher was Mr. Richardson in 6th grade at Rosewood Avenue elementary school. He was really strict and very demanding for a 6th grade teacher at the time. He taught me to enjoy the classics, cultivated a love for history and poetry, was my first teacher in leadership and made me MC of our talent show because he would always tell me I was “articulate.”

Victory LudwigVictory:  My favorite teacher, though I had many good ones, was probably Mr. Beardsley at Peninsula High School.  He made learning come alive.  He was excited to teach,  and that was obvious to me – even as a 10th grader.  He loved the subject of history, and it felt contagious while in his classroom.  When I look back over all the teachers I had, and I had a lot of good ones, I realize that the ones that stand out to me are the ones to whom I felt truly known.  Like I was not a name or number in their grade book, but I was a person, worth getting to know.  These to me, are the people who are truly called to education.  It can make all the difference.

So tell us, who was YOUR favorite teacher? And if you’re a teacher, we here at KHC Women say, “Thank you!”

4 thoughts on “GIVE-AWAY!!! What We’re Into: Favorite Teachers

  1. My favorite teacher was my third grade teacher, Miss Pulis. She truly cared about each and every student and was very loving. When I was a child, I bit my fingernails and my parents tried everything to make me stop, including painting my nails with that super peppery polish. It wasn’t until Miss Pulis gently encouraged me to stop that I was actually able to. I had such great respect for her that I wanted to please her. I quit that very day and never bit my nails again!

  2. Gene Rogers, Pastor of the Church I attended while growing up. He would pour over the scriptures he was using for the weeks message. He would also give us all booklets with the scriptures so we could look them up ourselves before Sunday. He wanted us to base what our faith on the Word, not on what he interpreted the word to be. When I later wandered away from the Lord as a rebel, the Lord called me back by bringing to mind many of the scriptures I had studied.

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