Road Trip with Jesus

religious scene, Christ and his disciples

Our topic this month is “discipleship”. A disciple is a person who accepts and assists in the spreading of the Good News of Jesus Christ. The New Testament teaches us that Jesus traveled with “the twelve disciples”.  Twelve men, who were one-day living pretty normal lives, then suddenly left their jobs and families to learn about and follow Jesus. Jesus was going to teach then how to assist in the spreading of the Good News. How very exciting for them! Can you remember when you began to see Jesus for who He is?  (Such a life changing time.) Discipleship is growing in the Lord.  We take in the words and actions of Jesus and then live them out according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

This is the beginning of becoming a disciple – seeing Jesus for who He is.

If you want to know what it was like for these twelve men, slowly read Matthew 4-10 and try to digest what the disciples learned and saw right out the gate.  Try and remember their humanity in the story. because if we see them as special men (different from us), we begin to detach the fact that Christ has called us all to be disciples too! Christ desires that we all live according to what He has taught .

What do you think it was like when the disciples went with Jesus through Galilee and Jesus preached the Kingdom of God, healed every disease and sickness, delivered the demon possessed, healed those with seizures and the paralyzed and delivered those who were suffering?  Do you think they were expecting that? I wonder if they looked at each other and said, “Did you see THAT?”  Of course, they did.  They had never seen anything like this before! This was not common day activity for them.

Next Jesus begins to teach the Beatitudes.  The disciples were amazed! They were filled with astonishment because Jesus taught with “one who had authority and not as teachers of the law”. When was the last time you were truly astonished? Astonishment stops us in our tracks. It leaves us speechless. Then Jesus heals a man with leprosy, a women with fever, calms the winds and waves, delivers a demon possessed man, a paralytic, a women bleeding for 12 years, raises a little girl from the dead, heals two blind men and delivers a demon possessed man who could not talk.  WELCOME TO DISCIPLESHIP 101.

In Matthew 10:1 Jesus sends out the twelve and says, “Okay guys, I’m giving you authority to do what I just did” – and thus begins discipleship.  Basically, “Take what you just heard and saw and do it.”  I wonder if they were excited or scared?  I wonder if Peter was thinking, “But I’m just a fisherman?” But Jesus doesn’t just cut them loose.  He gives them some pretty clear directions and tells them not to be afraid.  Matthew 10 is clearly for all believers and not something to shy away from.  Some of it is frightening and hard to digest and I’m sure some of you have already experienced these situations.

Jesus spoke the Word of God and then He demonstrated the power of God.  This is how he taught his disciples.  He taught and then he demonstrated.  He said it and then He did it. Wouldn’t you love to have been there?

While I know our objective this month is to write about discipleship, I hope you are encourage to study it on your own, to read the New Testament and see how Jesus taught his disciples.  I pray you read it with fresh eyes and allow the glory and splendor of it to change you, to wet your appetite to know more, to encourage you to be bold in your walk with Jesus.   God bless…

One thought on “Road Trip with Jesus

  1. So very encouraging and biblically correct. We who profess Jesus Christ should be doing what Jesus did, looking for ways to further His Kimgdom. How do we do that – by knowing the Holy Spirit and obeying His voice just as the disciples did.Jesus expects no less.praise His Name!

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