Entering In (Robin Heffernan)

Entering In
Is there something in your life that you can’t help but do?  If you were told you couldn’t do it, how would you respond? As long as it’s legal and not sinful, I pray you are blessed with such a something.
As a teen through my college years I was incredibly blessed to have had amazing women of God who loved Him and who walked with me as I was growing in my faith (Oh Jesus, I thank You that this was my story). I know this is not the story of most women and this is why for the past 30 plus years it is the thing that I can’t help but do. I can only hope that what I am doing is living out the Great Commission in my community.  Going into a world of girls, sharing the hope of a Savior that is crazy about them, praying that they will turn to Him only for salvation and life’s problems, and walk with them as they walk with Jesus. One of my biggest joys is watching a young person come to Christ. Yea! They get to walk in this freedom longer and not wait until desperation or their last days to know this great unconditional love and how to live!
Moms, friends, neighbors, these girls need you. Proverbs 24:6 tells us that we all will need wise guidance and victory lies in an abundance of advisors. No matter what your teen years were like, you are not exempt from being an advisor, a counselor, and a discipler. If you are in Christ you are qualified to walk with those who desperately need what little or what abundance that you know about your precious Maker. (Matthew 5:16)
Who was telling you about Jesus when you were a teen? About 60 percent of women that I ask this question of say that nobody was.  When believers walk in freedom, your heart breaks for captives and shares the way out.
You might be asking, how do I enter in? Jesus knows you by name, He knows the number of hairs on your head, He knows your personality and all your unique ways. Model this. Go where teens are. Find out their names, remember their names, ask questions to know them better, remember what they care about, see them and be seen by them as that shows your love and care. Build relationship, it may be a one sided relationship with you doing all the pouring out, but in all of this you are indeed telling them about Jesus. You watch, you pray. One day when God prompts you, you share Christ and how much He’s crazy about them and is just waiting for them to come home. Jesus gave His life for us, He never fails, He never tires and is so loving and patient with us.  We can grant the same with the teens in our lives because we have His strength.  We pour out to them while He pours into us. We want them to see that and know that too!
With the Word as our perfect source for living, we read it, we place our hope in it, and we do it. Precious women did it in front of me with intentionality, with patience, with a Kingdom mindset, I will never forget their impact on my life, my walk, and helping shape the thing that I can’t help but do. I love them all so much because He loved them first!
Thank you Mom, Eli, Donna, Dee, Naz, Star, Kath, and Joyce.
Robin is the Associate Director for Young Life South Bay.
For more information visit southbay.youglife.org.

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