Anthos Meeting Tonight

We wanted to give a little more information regarding the meeting being held tonight.  It is an information meeting, for moms (only, please) who are interested in forming their own Anthos groups.  Our vision for this ministry is to have moms and daughters join with others in small group-type settings, to further build community.  These groups will have a lot of autonomy, each looking the way that those particular moms desire (day, time, frequency, etc). We will share our vision, and what has worked so well for our group.  We desire to excite, encourage, and support you as you get your own groups together.

If you have people in mind that you would like to form a group with, please come.  If you have no one yet in mind, and are hoping to meet up with some others that are interested, please come.  If you don’t know what this is all about but have the smallest amount of interest, please come.

 Please email to RSVP and for location information.

Meeting is at 7pm, tonight – October 6th.

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