Protecting Your Identity

I am thankful for social media. Thanks to Facebook my family, scattered all over America, can stay in touch through crisis or celebration. Friends can encourage me with Bible verses they choose to share. I can laugh with friends about the silly things their kids say. Churches, businesses, and moms groups can all have their own free mini-website thanks to Facebook Groups/Pages.

But’s let’s face it. There is also an ugly truth that comes with Facebook, Instagram, and the like. What you see is not always the whole picture.

I have been known to log into Facebook a happy camper and log off disgruntled with myself. How come I can’t be that mom who throws awesome themed birthday parties for her kids or wear a dress like that without looking pregnant (because I’m not) or bake healthy breakfasts like that? A few of my friends have actually given-up Facebook for a while due to their anxiety or discontentment taunting them as they stare into what could-have-been or the why-don’t-I’s.

This is not a post against Facebook or an encouragement to air out all that dirty laundry that doesn’t belong in a public forum. I am, however, encouraging us to see Facebook as the highlight reel – a place that is censored by its users.

Case in point… welcome to my highlight reel:

School 1I homeschool four sweet children. Are those smiles on their faces as they become geniuses under my tutelage? Why yes. Yes, they are. Just another happy morning spending time together.

Selfie 1Here’s a really great selfie of me… and my son. Look at me! I look great! (I was honestly so surprised at this picture that I took another one in better lighting. Based upon the results it was decided that dim lighting was best.)

Sweet 1My littlest still takes naps. His precious halo couldn’t fit in the picture frame. (Yes, there is a fan in the bedroom, but he sweats like this in the dead of Southern California winter as well.)


Get Along 1We have a three bedroom apartment. We have decided to dedicate one of the bedrooms to toys and sibling bonding. The children love playing Legos together and will often happily trade Lego pieces with one another.

Family Routine 1I schedule my day around our schooling and the children’s needs.

Discipline 1I discipline my children and often encourage them with Biblical Truth.

Cute 1We’re just a cute family!


Okay. You can look now. The highlight reel is over.


Now here’s the whole truth. We are all of those things (without the arrogance… most of the time). But there’s always a flip side to the highlight reel.

School 2I am indeed a homeschooling mom of four children, and sometimes it’s a very draining and frustrating job. I don’t always do it well.

Selfie 2The selfies look good in dim light with help.

Sweet 2The little one still does take a nap, but he doesn’t usually rush into the bedroom shouting, “I’m so excited I get to sleep!”

Messy 2The playroom looks like this most of the time. I step on Legos and yell about not buying toys ever again. The children do trade back and forth, but I heard one shouting today about no trade-backs.

Family Routine 2I schedule the day out. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I change the whole day around because I’m really tired and if I stay in the house any longer I’m going to quit my job.

Discipline 2The discipline thing? I spend a lot of time talking to children about the use of their words and the tone of their voices. I also speak Biblical Truth to them. And sometimes I figure they can work it out by themselves.

Cute 2And sometimes we’re not all that cute.

So enjoy Facebook! Keep posting those cute baby pictures and share with us the Scripture that touched your heart today. Let us know when your child gets an award at school and when your day is filled with blessings and sunshine. We’ll just all remember that what we see on social media is only a PART of your real (and our real) identity.

4 thoughts on “Protecting Your Identity

  1. Love it! How true…thanks, Janna, for such a clear (and what I found to be funny as well) picture of what it means to protect our identity on social media. 🙂

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