GIVE-AWAY!!! What We’re Into: Signs of Fall

What We're IntoCongratulations to last month’s give-away winner, Linda Felis, who shared a joke with us and won Lisa Whittle’s book “Whole”.

Here in Southern California “Fall” is a bit of a misnomer, but let’s pretend for a moment that it’s not a hundred degrees outside and you’re not really wearing flip flops. This month our contributors were asked to share their favorite things about the season. Should you choose to do the same (either here in the comments section or on our Facebook page) you will have a change to win a $10.00 gift card to Trader Joe’s, because, as you will see from the answers, pumpkin-flavored anything were a bit of a “thing” this month and where better to purchase your pumpkin-flavored everything than at Trader Joe’s?
Contributor (1)
Janna: Leaves changing from a vibrant green to orange, red, and brown used to be my favorite sign of fall. Now that I live in Southern California where leaves are always green, I must say the slight fashion change is my favorite. I’m ready to for the deep colored sweaters, the boots, and the scarves!
Joy Stee
Joy: My favourite thing about fall, as a Canadian, are the colors, cold crisp mornings that smell of warm cider and bonfires, because everyone is lighting the fire place and the smell fills the morning air.
Lindsey (this month’s guest contributor): I love the anticipation of and kicking off of the holiday season. I absolutely LOOOOOVE this time of year for celebration, thankfulness, family and friends, remembrance, love, anticipation, excitement… I could go on, 😉 The boots, fireplaces, pumpkin chai teas, and warm snuggles are wonderful, too. Hopefully we’ll get weather that encourages that soon!
Lisa Athan
Lisa: My favorite thing about Fall… So easy – pumpkins and candy corn. Pumpkins are one of the best things in the world. Their colors, their shapes, their tastes (and all the other flavors that are pulled down from the shelf, such as nutmeg, allspice, cloves, pumpkin spice etc…) And candy corn – I dream about it. I don’t care that it’s made from sugar, corn syrup, wax, fondant and who cares what else. They are such a delicious, pretty little treat and I nibble on them all day long.
Michelle Mahlstadt

Michelle: My favorite part of fall is what the season reminds me of: things going to sleep. It is a season of rest. Fall is the time for a kind of dying. All around us, leaves are falling off trees, but it is not without a purpose. It is for a renewal, and come spring, new life will spring up.

Paula Gooch
Paula: When I think of the season Fall, several enjoyable things come to mind…The colorful leaves (I wish we had more of this around here!), taking walks in the breeze (or wind!), sipping tea, the shortening of days in preparation for the winter, my birthday, pumpkin cookies, and enjoying time with friends/family…just to name a few. 🙂
Suzie Lind
Suzie: I like ginger bread lattes, fall candles, wearing boots and cozy sweaters, tea every afternoon, making soup and going camping for Thanksgiving.
Victory Ludwig
Victory: To me, the highlights of Fall all center around comfort. Sweaters and jeans, ugh boots. Soups and pumpkin-infused treats. I love the smells, tastes, and sights (the occasional tree that actually changes color!). It is probably my favorite season – in between the craziness of life and the impending holidays, I hope to sneak in a cozy afternoon with a cup of coffee and a good book. Oh Fall – you arrived in perfect time!

2 thoughts on “GIVE-AWAY!!! What We’re Into: Signs of Fall

  1. Fall is full of reminders to be thankful. …to give thanks in everything!! One reminder for me is the majestic trees on Kashiwa Street that are already dressed up in gold, red and brown. I am enjoying the display of changing colors each morning as I arrive at work. As you are leaving church one of the next couple of weekends, cross Lomita Blvd. and drive down Kashiwa. It’s worth the detour for our own little touch of what a lot of the rest of our country is currently enjoying!

    1. You are the winner, Sandy! Thank you for going out on a limb and sharing your favorite things about fall with us!

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