A Revisiting

Relationships are not a new subject here at KHC Women, but in case you missed these goodies, here’s a chance to catch up.

A wife at King’s Harbor encouraged those in unequally yoked marriages. “Trust Him for your marriage and family. Think big, think miracle…”

Christine Clore, a KHC member from afar, wrote her marriage testimony, and shared tips and resources for marriages needing help. “I want to encourage anyone in a difficult marriage to understand that a great marriage is possible.”

Refuge recap from way back in 2011! A panel of men answered our questions on relationships. Too busy to read? Listen to the MP3 provided in the link! How cool is that?

Victory Ludwig has written before on how her community lifted her up during a difficult time. She writes, “I am so grateful for the years of commitment and investment into the lives we touch. It has not always been easy or tidy.  I have not always wanted to open up and be vulnerable.  But I am seeing and living in the fruit of the efforts and of the obedience.”

Speaking of the community supporting one another, Donna Crawford has given us insight on how to help foster families. “There are many ways you can help someone who has adopted (or is fostering), and I don’t just mean financially or supporting someone who has gone to RFKC. Adoptive families need support too, even as they are supporting and providing for the children they have taken in. The support can be of all sorts – emotional, financial, material, practical.”

These are only a few of the options, but I pray this only wets your appetite. And should you be inspired to write for us, please contact Janna at jsandproudtobe@yahoo.com.


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