Reflection and Prayer (Marie Constable)

Mary Magdelane Washing The Feet Of Jesus Christfrom John 12:1-8 and Isaiah 43:18-19

Did she hesitate at the door, striving to push past her fear of what the men would think? Another woman had come in much the same way and bathed Him with her tears – a woman with a terrible reputation. Did Mary consider the association? Or did her passion for Him overshadow every other thought?

She had sat long at His feet.

She had seen His love and compassion intertwine with His power, raising her brother from the grave.

He is worth it.

So she crossed the threshold, alabaster jar in hand and broke the seal.


Oh LORD God, Creator of the Universe, Creator of women, OUR Creator, MY Creator:

You see us here in our brokenness, our stop-and-start attempts to go deeper with you. You know our dustiness. And you love us. Passionately, intimately, beyond our imagination. You’ve demonstrated it powerfully in Jesus – living, dying and conquering death. You’ve whispered it and shouted it to us throughout our lives. When we take ourselves to your feet and stay there, your love awakens in us a desire for so much more than this world can comprehend.

And you have given a us a vision for a movement of women. It stirred slowly at first and grew steadily. You planted it in our hearts before the earthquake that came that shook our Body. You are sustaining it through all the searching and scraping and salvaging. And we love you, our Rock and Salvation, the Lover of our souls!

As this year begins, would you show us how to walk into this new thing you are doing as it “springs forth”? Transform us as we lean into you, even as you did Mary of Bethany. May our influence gently flow from who we are in you – over our families, our church and our community. Give us an understanding of your Kingdom purposes that would enable us to enter the threshold and willingly pour out everything to you.

You are worthy!

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