Power in Testimony

The Power of Your Testimony

What is the story God is giving to you of your life in 2015?

As we approach this new year with a sense of freshness, let us consider what God is doing in our lives to shape who we are, to shape our relationship with Him, and to shape our stories. Let’s look forward to what He is doing with anticipation. And part of seeing what lies ahead involves looking back, looking back and seeing God work in our lives, revealing Himself and weaving our stories with needle and thread.

God works delicately oftentimes, stitching together the fabric of our stories bit by bit and sometimes, He does bold, colorful work that dazzles us and leaves us breathless. Even when we usurp God’s plans and try to go our own way, or the tragedies of life befall us, even then, if we look carefully, we will see God making a new pattern, a beautiful pattern that swoops out of the stitches that seem all wrong.

So as we look forward to what God will do, it would behoove us to also take a glimpse into what God has been doing. What is the story He has given to you in 2014? What is the story God has been giving to you of your entire life up to this moment?

Think about your story and pray that you will see your story through heaven’s eyes…that there is more than just pain and disappointments and thwarted hopes. There is also mercy and beauty and triumph. If you belong to God, I can say without a doubt that these elements also exist in your story. Take a look at God redeeming you stitch by stitch, patiently, lovingly and without fail.

And would you consider something else? Once you have thought about your story, prayerfully consider sharing it with someone else. Perhaps even someone who does not know the Lord yet. I know, it’s scary, but your story is a powerful one, consisting within it, the potential to change another one’s life.

Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story… Psalm 107:2

The stories of the redeemed, our stories, matter. Not only do our stories of salvation and redemption glorify God, they are also a biblical way of sharing the gospel with those around us.

I believe that the most powerful message that we ourselves possess of God’s love and grace is contained within our own stories.

We are living testimonies to God’s saving work.

We are evidence that the Savior has come and He has come to save us from our sin, from our brokenness, from our despair.

We are living testimonies that streams of living waters flow and the source of this water is Jesus.

And we are living testimonies that this water brings life to all the dead places, to all the deadness that was decomposing our souls because of sin, because of the effects of sin, our own, and others and the sin that is in the world.

The effects of sin is death, death of our relationships, death of our dreams, death of our hopes, and death of our own souls.

Without Christ, perishing, this continual state of perishing, is all that is happening to the unsaved.

So if you have been saved and you belong to Christ, then you know about both the condition of perishing and the joy of being saved from the perishing.

So who better than you to tell of the good news?

And furthermore, you have a story that is uniquely yours.

You have a story that is unlike anyone else’s,

It is a story that God himself has given you.

And there is power in your story,

And only you can tell your story.

To learn more about the beauty of your story and telling your story, please join us on Tuesday January 20, 7-9 PM for a testimony workshop in the Harbor Room at King’s Harbor Church.

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