A Reposting: Why You Won’t Come

I Want GodOkay maybe it should be called the three reasons we all deal with stress around women’s retreat time.

For some people, this is what actually holds you back from signing up.  Here’s the thing… whether you are signed up or not… we all deal with these things and they’ve been addressed a little bit already on this blog, so here we go:

1. Fear.  Or more lightly said… insecurity.  You are brand new to the church or you aren’t so new to the church and yet you feel like you’re not going to know anyone or be able to connect with anyone.  I can guarantee you the majority of us are dealing with a measure of fear.  So here’s my encouragement… and I’m speaking this to myself too… instead of worrying about if someone will sit with us, talk with us or hang out with us… BE THAT PERSON. 

Be the person who will walk up to someone you don’t know and introduce yourself and ask them something about who they are.  Be the person that invites others to walk to dinner, sit at breakfast or go on a walk with.  Be inviting. Be intentional.

I’m not saying get over your fear… I’m saying in spite of your fear.  That my friends is called courage.

2. “It’s too hard to go.  It’s too hard to leave my family. It’s too hard to take off work. It’s going to be too hard on my husband to get the kids every where they need to go. ”  You know what… you are right.  It WILL be hard for your husband.  It will be hard to take off work, especially if you will miss out on part of your paycheck. It will be hard to get the kids every where they need to be… and you know what? Maybe, just maybe… they don’t actually need to be there (where ever that is) this weekend.  Ask yourself this…What is the worst thing that could happen?

So instead of stressing ourselves out, trying to make it NOT hard… why don’t we just accept the fact it will be hard and remember God happens to bring about some serious greatness when things are hard.  Maybe the fact that it’s hard… is the going to be the best thing for everyone.

3. I can’t afford it.  Guess what … we take payment plans. We will work with you.  We know that if you want to go, it will take a sacrifice and we are willing to meet you in that. Call us, email us, come see us after services and let us know how we can help.

So let’s overcome what is hard… and let’s overcome what we are afraid of and let’s go with one another in courage.

Register today!

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