What You’re Into: New Members to KHC

I Want God
Last year our monthly give-away revolved around what we, the blog contributors, were into. This year we’re focusing our attention on you – the church member, the reader. Every month we’ll hear a little something from someone who attends our church. Maybe you know each other. Maybe you don’t… yet.
This month’s give-away? ONE SCHOLARSHIP TO THE UPCOMING WOMEN’S RETREAT! Say, WHAT?!? That’s right, if you leave a comment here on the blog or on the Facebook link you have a change to win! The winner will be announced tomorrow evening at 8:30pm.
The month of January is clothed in newness, so this month we meet a new member to KHC. Meet, or say hello again, to Casie Duvall.
What You're Into - New Members to the Community - Casie Duvall
1.      Tell us about your family…
Mark and I have been married 25 years. We both teach at Torrance High School. Our son, Gibson (18), is a freshman in the Honors Transfer Program at El Camino and works at Starbuck’s. Our daughter, Haley (16) is a junior at Torrance High School. She pole vaults for the varsity track team and is involved in the Theatre program, as well.
2.      How long have you been coming to KHC?
Gibson and Haley started attending KHC in January of 2014. Mark and I have attended since June.
3.      Is there a specific ministry that has blessed you thus far? (for example, Moms United, Moms Inc., Youth Group, etc.) Haley and I have both been tremendously blessed (and stretched!) by Royal Family Kids Camp and Club. Our family is mentoring one of the precious kids we met at camp. The youth group and young adult group has been a blessing to my kids, which is a blessing to me.
4.      What are three words you would use to describe yourself? enthusiastic, intentional, compassionate (but those are just the good ones – I’d have no trouble coming up with far more than three words to describe the less-than-lovely side of me, but we’ll stick with the good qualities for now; I don’t want to scare anyone off. *;) winking)
5.      What do you do when you have free time? Do you mean what do I do with my “free time” when I refuse to grade papers? I love spending time with family and friends. I particularly delight in having folks gather around my grand dining room table to enjoy a meal I have prepared for them.
Now it’s your turn. Tell us how long you’ve been attending KHC.

15 thoughts on “What You’re Into: New Members to KHC

  1. Welcome, Casie! Many of us knew you and Mark during your days at CBC and now we are also thankful to see your husband leading music on a regular basis!

  2. Casie was the best talent show MC I’ve ever watched. She made last year’s RFKC talent show HILARIOUS! What does the fox say?

    1. I’d love to come over to her house, sit at her grand dining table, have an in-depth conversation about the actual sound a fox makes.., and put an end to that silly song once and for all!

  3. So great to read about you and your family :)! Our girls are so blessed by your daughter caring for them on Thursday nights during our life group. You have a really special family!

  4. Casie and her husband Mark have been such a blessing to our church. They jumped right in and joined in on serving at KHC. Yes, Casie taking over the 5 day skit at Royal Family kids made it the best skit ever. Her MC skills will give you a stomach ache since she makes you laugh so much. Then to have her commit to mentoring one of our foster kids from Camp after serving her first week at Royal Family is such dedication and such a blessing. Casie has a true servants heart and if their is a gift of making people laugh she has it. I also love her sincerity , her caring heart and did I mention that she can sing? Love you Casie and so glad you are part of King’s or should I say The King’s Harbor Church:) I am looking forward to seeing as well as hanging out with you at your first Woman’s Retreat with the woman of KHC.

  5. Casie, you and Mark were wonderful neighbors to my ‘lovely’ son Mike! Got to love the parties he threw and how patient, kind and loving you both were to him (and his parents). I adore you Cassie. So many people are going to blessed by your fun-loving heart and joyous spirit, I know I am blessed by it.

  6. I was blessed to read about Casie and her family. I am so thankful for my earthly family as well as our spiritual family at KHC and throughout the world. I have attended when I could for the past 10 years and consider Kings Harbor my home.
    More than ever, it is important to praise God for His presence in our families and for our role in passing on His Word. I have that responsibility as a single mom with two teens now ready to launch. I would love to attend the Women’s Retreat for spiritual nourishment and social connection building, having desired to for many years, but never making it there.

      1. Janna~ I am so sorry that I am just now reading this!!! I would have been very blessed to go. I guess I should have provided my email address! Thank you for the award. God Bless ~ Rebecca

  7. Hi Cassie, it is very nice to meet you and you sharing your family with us. I do enjoy when your husband does worship. I too served my first year at RFKC this last year. It was amazing, and so was your skit. Welcome.

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