Paula’s Prayer for the Women’s Retreat

I Want God

Last year was my first year to attend the Women’s Retreat, and God worked in amazing ways in my heart and life through the experience.  After having a “mountain-top experience” like that, though, it can be challenging to explain afterward.  However, God prompted me to write at least some of what He did in my heart during that time.  I fully expected, after going last year and being “welcomed into the company of women”, to return this year, but unfortunately I will not be able to attend.

However, though I will not be present with you, I am praying God would do wonderful things in your life during this weekend and beyond. This is my prayer for you:

Dear Father,

I pray for your daughters, your women of KHC.  Thank You, Lord, for these wonderful sisters I have in Christ.  Thank You for their desire to draw near You during this special season.

Lord, for those of Your women of KHC who will attend the retreat, I pray You will do amazing things in their lives through the time they have there.  Refresh them and lift up their souls.  Father, speak to them.  Lord, give them Your heart.  Fill them with Your spirit and renew their love for You. 

Prepare their hearts even now for what You desire to do in and through them during the retreat.  Speak directly to each and every heart through the messages being shared.  Let them be ready to hear and receive what it is You have for them in the time. 

Lord, give them safety and blessing in their travels to and from the retreat.  Guide their conversations and fellowship; may You be the center of what is spoken and may You prompt the interactions they will have with one another. Enable them to speak words that edify and build up; give them courage to reach out especially to those they may not know yet. As they spend time worshipping and praising You, be glorified in and through that.  In their free time, be honored and bring Your refreshment upon them.  During everything that happens at the retreat, Lord, please be high and lifted up above all else. 

Your Word says that when we draw near to You, You will draw near to us, so I pray this over Your women.  Father, they have come to enter into Your presence and seek You out, so I ask You will meet them right where they are at. 

And Lord, let this retreat not be just a getaway from the kids or from the busyness of life, but let this be a time of intimate communion with You.  Let this be a time of being refreshed by You.  Let this be a time of clearly hearing Your voice and responding to You.  God, take away any desires to simply “have a good time” and fill them instead with a longing to grow in Jesus. 

Lord, take away any distracting expectations and let them instead come expectant that You will work in mighty ways, but not limiting You to do a specific thing in a certain way.  Lord, take all of their “plans” or “agendas” for the weekend and let those fade away so You may accomplish what You desire for them.  Not any of our desires, but may Your will be done.  Bring our hearts in alignment with Yours.  Keep us dependent upon You!  Father, take their focus off of themselves and onto Jesus. 

Lord, when they return, let this be the declaration of their hearts, “Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will declare what he has done for my soul!” 

To You be all the Glory!


About Paula Gooch

I am a daughter of the King, our Most High God. He has given His all for me and so my response is to live my life for His glory and His praise! {Isaiah 43:21, "This people have I formed for Myself; they shall [show] forth My praise."} The Christian life is about a response. We don't "have to do" certain things to receive God's mercies - Christ has already accomplished all that needs to be done! But since God gave His all for us, as we soak in that Truth and as God opens our spiritual eyes, our natural response is to praise and worship Him simply because He is worthy. That is why we serve, why we love the unlovable, why we pour out - not because we are "forced" to do it, but because once we've tasted and we've seen the Living Christ, how could we not praise Him, how could we not pour out our lives for Him, how could we not lay every crown at His feet?! {Psalm 34:8a, "O taste and see that the Lord is good"} It is my hope and prayer that as you read what I write, it would draw you into worshipping, praising, and glorifying our King. Let all that I say point you back to Christ who is the Only One Worthy. My last remark is to say that in Revelation 12:11, it says the people of God overcame the devil by the Blood of the Lamb (what was already done on the Cross which we cannot do in and of our own merit) and by the word of our testimony (which is God's faithfulness in our lives). I invite you to drop on in as I share little bits and pieces of God's faithfulness in my life and I pray you leave encouraged in Christ! All because He is worthy!!! ~Paula

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