Let It Be Jesus (Alexis Collins)

purple wooden door

We are told hospitality is
Having friends in our home.
Nice dinner,
Clean house,
No dust to be found.
We strive for just this
The perfection in our homes.
The food is delicious
There’s no mess to be seen,
But where are our hearts?
Where could they be?
Is it in our fine china,
Or in the way the children behave?
All our ducks are in a row,
Now please don’t be late!

What if we saw hospitality
With a stranger,
With one whom we might not even know?
Inviting one in,
No matter our heart
Or our home;
It should be right where
Is to be found.

Jesus doesn’t require a right house,
No Martha,
Just a home.
Mary was at His feet,
But where was Martha,
Could she be found?
Busy she was,
Good she was doing,
But there was Mary,
Where the best could be found.

Stranger, neighbor, or a friend;
Messy, clean, or a nightmare
Invite her in,
In your heart or your home.
Perfection is not a friend,
Obligation may be a trend,
But Let it be
You show in the

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