Free Summer Activities 2015

12 - I Love LAThis summer vacation live it up with the family and enjoy some of the free or inexpensive treasures of Los Angeles and the South Bay. Here is a list of nearby adventures. Grab your kids/family, maybe invite someone to join you and go build memories and relationships.

Kings Harbor Church:
1. Join the KHC Facebook groups to stay on top of upcoming events.
KHC Student Ministry
Moms Inc.
Moms United
KHC Women – Refuge, future Bible studies and opportunities

1. Watch a movie or attend a concert in the park.
Redondo Beach Pier – movies, concerts
Torrance Parks – movies
Polliwog Parks – concerts
2. Work with wood at Torrance’s Carpenter Wagon program.
3. Join a Summer Reading Program.
Palos Verdes Library – began June 1st
Torrance – begins June 22nd
County of Los Angeles
4. Brush up on your Shakespeare with Shakespeare by the Sea.
5. Get wet at the Alondra Splash Pad.
6. Explore tide pools.
Abalone Cove Rancho Palos Verde (parking is $5.00)
7. Earn a free book at Barnes & Noble.
8. Take time to smell the flowers at the South Bay Botanical Gardens. (free every 3rd Tuesday of the month)
9. Ride a train at Wilson Park every first Sunday of the month.
10. Dress like a cow to get a free sandwich or meal at Chick-Fil-A’s Cow Appreciation Day.

Somewhat Local:
1.Star gaze at the Griffith Observatory. (planetarium tickets are extra)
2.Play with Science at the California Science Center. (parking is $10.00)
3.Brush up on your California History at the Autry. (free every 2nd Tuesday of the month)
4.Volunteer at Amy’s Farm.
5. Be inspired at the Getty Center. (parking is $10.00)

This article, from, lists in one location free museums and museum’s monthly free days.

Did we miss a great opportunity you want to share with us?
Send us the info and we’ll add it on the list.

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