Oh, The Flies!

Oh, The Flies!

If you do not let my people go, I will send swarms of flies on you and your officials, on your people and into your houses.  The houses of the Egyptians will be full of flies, and even the ground where they are. But on that day I will deal differently with the land of Goshen, where my people live; no swarms of flies will be there, so that you will know that I, the LORD, am in this land.  I will make a distinction between my people and your people.  This miraculous sign will occur tomorrow. (Exodus 8:21-23) 

I grew up in a church all my life.  I attended numerous Sunday school classes and heard the story of Moses and Pharaoh many times, along with pictures depicting the setting. I’ve always imagined the stories of Moses and Pharaoh taking place in a grand hall with Pharaoh on this mighty throne and Moses down below, possibly feeling belittled and outnumbered.  But now as an adult, I read the bible and the truths of these stories grow more grand and powerful.

This particular scene is one to ponder.  Why?  Because as Moses and Aaron approach this time, Pharaoh and his entire entourage are covered in flies, head to toe.  And the LORD did this.  Dense swarms of flies poured into Pharaohs palace and into the houses of his officials, and throughout Egypt the land was ruined by the flies. (Exodus 8:24)

The flies swarmed in.  God poured them into the land and it was noisy, dark and consuming. They had flies in their ears, in their mouths and the noise must have been unbearable. Ever had a fly in your house?  Been to a picnic where the flies just won’t quit?  Can you just imagine them covering your body in swarms along with your house and property? Now I know there was recently a movie about Pharaoh and Moses and I’m not sure if this scene was replicated, but I can guarantee this; no matter how great the graphics were, it could NEVER compare to the actual occurrence – for who could ever equally replicate a judgment from the hand of God Almighty? And there stood Moses and Aaron, untouched.  It is very important that we picture this.  Why? Because God was having it his way – God will always have it his way.

Then Moses left Pharaoh and prayed to the LORD, and the LORD did what Moses asked: The flies left Pharaoh and his officials and his people; not a fly remained. (Exodus 8:30-31)  Not a fly remained?  Not one?  I wonder how many trillions of flies God used for this plague and yet not one remained.  Look around your house or where ever you find yourself at this very moment.  Are there not hundreds of places for flies to hide?  Nooks and crannies, cracks and dirt and trees and cupboards etc…  The hand of God brought everyone, saw everyone and took everyone.  God is AMAZING!

God will always have his way.  We need to know this. We need to read these stories and remember that God is always sovereign.  His word stands above the thrones of man.  This world started with the Word of God and will end with the Word of God.  I’m holding on to it.  I hope you are too.

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